Sacral Consciousness Set~ Sacral Sound Frequency, Symbol, Daisy Signature Essence & Affirmation

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A sound healing ~ sacred human touch, that calls for the embodiment of the sacred sensuality frequency.

Upon listening to this sound frequency an energy cleansing will take place for the old vibrations within the sacral to dissolve. This process will begin your journey towards healing the fragments of self that are calling to welcome the embodiment of the sacred sensuality frequencies within you.

This frequency has no ownership, it is a transmission from Source. Therefore there is an energetic commitment to carry forth this frequency will full integrity knowing your essence alone will now carry this frequency code to be shared through your own unique soul expression.

For the souls that hear the calling to access this frequency you will feel it deep within your bones, your outward breath will flow with ease as you feel a strong sense of holding yourself in this new way.

Please note the recording is 3.48 seconds. Play as many times as you feel the call and trust if it makes its way to another it was divinely orchestrated and I thank you for trusting in your heart‘s knowing.

To accompany this frequency a symbol and affirmation will be sent. Please use these tools alongside the frequency to assist in the integration and embodiment of the sacral human touch frequency.

Includes Daisy Sacral Signature Essence Roller ~ Light Bearer and Believer of Self Worth

Sacral Consciousness Tools can be made available on their own for $88 excluding Daisy Signature Perfume


In Love,  Melissa Anne


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