Not so long ago my children and I were on very different restricted diets, that left me either in the kitchen meeting our dietary needs or spending all other hours researching and seeking medical assistance to improve our health and well being.I have spent the majority of the last four years focusing on my children and my health, based on having lived with numerous conditions concerning our gut health and my auto immune disease.

I chose to empower my family through completing an aromatherapy for natural living course and beginning a herbal medicine course.

Today this has allowed me to focus on healing my children through skin nutrition, as our journey was often challenged by our digestive health and now we continue to enjoy all the amazing foods mother nature intended us to enjoy.

My intentions are to allow others to reveal their true healthiest selves and live in a synthetic free environment by empowering others to make better lifestyle choices.

Has our healing journey ended?

Absolutely not. I believe everyone continually should adopt a diet thats rich in beautiful nurturing foods and herbs. Currently we started my son on some beautiful healing foods he was never able to consume nor tolerate previously, which allows us to continue to expose him to a richer amount of whole foods and stay ultimately healthy and well.

Live, Breath & Be Healthy

I aim to use this blog to support healing and to point individuals and families in the right direction to sustain a healthy digestive system and life. Some topics will relate to diet, nutrition, and general health.


Seeking Further Health Support

Introducing Kerry Caudwell an amazing Clinical Nutritionist, Medical Herbalist, Workshop Facilitator and Yoga Teacher who helped us along our path. She runs regular workshops on digestive health and is just such a beautiful soul. Here’s her website and blog link for further information:


Additive Free Living

One of the most life changing parts of having foods intolerances and digesting conditions, is realising how toxic additives and preservatives are to your health. There is a lot of information out there about what each additives and preservatives harmful effects can be. Its well worth researching. Heres a website with recipes and household suggestions on how to be an additive and preservative free home.

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