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New Moon, Self Care & Fulfilment

New Moon, Self Care & Fulfilment

Do you show yourself Self Care and Fulfilment? Only you truly know the answer to this, but as our New Moon is upon us, there is no better time to take that necessary step towards starting to do you one day at a time.

Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow I choose to practise self love and self care on a daily basis. Not so long ago, I fell in the trap of agreeing to put other’s Wellbeing before my own.

I am a mother, friend, wife, daughter, teacher and heart led business owner BUT I am only holy when I see me as an important part of my happiness and wellbeing.

As I allow myself to be present with my Devine Flow, I pay attention to my intuition and allow it to guide me and gain fulfillment of my heart’s desires.

Positive Intention for Self Love & Care-
I am Present and Choose to Accept Responsibly for my wellbeing.

WickArt are offering 5 minute free consults and I would love to intuitively guide you on the beginning steps to self fulfilment.

Where to start?
Check out my latest post this morning on WickArt’s Newest top 5 Self Love & Care Products.

Love & Kindness to you all,
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