WickArt’s Crystal Roller Signature Set

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Energetic Signature Perfumes

Plant, Oil & Flower Medicines

WickArt offer a product line connected to universal intelligence.

This exact intelligence offers each of us on a daily basis insight into observing the algorithms that don’t serve ourselves or humanity anymore.

The oils instigate feelings / a remembrance through sensations (connection to our emotional body) to honour and nurture the parts of self that are transitioning into higher states of being.

The journey will look different for each of us and no one advice fits all, so on offer is a range that encourages connection to your unique essence and the unfolding of all your becoming.

The Set ~

Highest Consciousness ~ Self Mastery

Ishka ~ Inner Mystic

Sweet Chariot ~ Mother I Am

Venus Rose ~ Heart Consciousness

Power Within Me ~ Who I Am Becoming

Daisy ~ Flower of Life.

My Roots ~ Safe as I Am.
Connecting Back to the Body’s Rhythms & Intelligence

Earth Bound ~ Core of Me.
I am grounded in the centre of the Earth.


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