Unarmoured ~ Men’s Hair & Beard Oil


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NEW Product Release ~ Men’s Beard & Hair Oil by Love & Devotion

Unarmoured ~ Clean, Organic & Deeply Hydrating Hair Oil for Men

Some of our finest all organic ingredients include: MCT, Karanj seed, Camphor, Comphrey, Tangerine, Blackseed, Pomegranate & CR 🍁

Who would love Unarmoured? All hair types really but specifically any Man needing an intensive treatment to support hair that’s been exposed to the sun and shows signs of dryness, a flaking scalp and overall dull appearance.

An added bonus is it shares the same nourishment and support for the beard but an added bonus is its potent anti inflammatory ingredients like Crude Resin, Blackseed Oil & Pomegranate Oil tackle red, raised or infected hair follicles due to ingrown hairs.

So what’s all the hype about creating a beard and hair oil for men?

Like our internal system our hair and body changes over time. The body will show us signs that it needs to make some major changes as we begin to become less tolerant of artificial products and fragrances, especially the more we start to listen and honour it.

Like each other product in our love and devotion line, each ingredient is carefully tested and chosen for its love for the skin, body and heart alike.

Love & Devotion products share an energy current that ask us to create more connection with ourselves by asking each of us to listen more to what this beautiful bodies needs, in order to truly flourish. Our core beliefs are this goes hand in hand with our mental wellbeing.

Come in and try Unarmoured at our hub locations on the central coast at both Kincumber or The Entrance.

Alternatively come and try it at our next local market Embrace Wellness Holistic Hub

RRP $55

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