The Ancients ~ CBD Mouth Rinse 50ml


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The Ancients CBD Mouth Rinse ~ An Essential Oil Free Formula

‘The Ancients‘ Love & Devotion ingredients and energetic offerings.

A mouth rinse that lovingly supports the gums, teeth and mouth. It doubles up as an immunity gargle with powerhouse herbal ingredients including clove, Madagascar vanilla, elderberry and kaffir lime.

Together with CBD, Fulvic Acid & MCT it also acts as a potent anti inflammatory agent for inflamed gums, tongue and mouth sores and ulcers, alongside fighting off plaque.

The ancients is available in 50ml and 200ml sizing online, locally at the markets and in store at @embracewellnessholistichub both the entrance and kincumber.

The Ancients Energy ~
Shining a light on the strengths that lie within us. A wisdom that we don’t need to seek, rather embody.

A co ~ creation by Melissa from WickArt and Victoria from @embracewellnessholistichub

50ml $39.99
200ml $129.99

Ingredients ~

2000 Turmeric & Black seed CBD

Sesame Seed Oil



Elderberry infusion

Fulvic Acid

Vanilla beans

Kaffir Lime Leaves

Clove infusion


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