Personalised Daily Prayer Offering

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As we each move into tuning into our physical and energetic body we begin to understand how truely important connection is within ourselves. I am thrilled to offer a recorded /written prayer that I encourage you to read daily.

What is the prayer offering?

A Vibrationally coded affirmation specifically tailored for you.

The next stage of alignment that is calling our souls.

Each word is an energetic offering. Your personalised prayer  will bring clarity around where stagnant energy exists within our body and energetic field to ultimately neutralise this energy blockage and bring it into harmony. From my experience the body will show us when we are ready and for those drawn to this offering, your body wishes to communicate that previous unembodied affirmations may not have aligned because words carry a frequency ; words from the heart and soul are what speak truth. Please feel into your body to know the wisdom that you carry and trust if an offering of any kind feels clean and brings joy to your soul (You will know the feeling).

With Love,

Melissa Anne



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