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Meditation Giftpack ~ Clearer Dayz with Earth Bound $88
Taking moments out ~ the ability to slow down to connect to your inner being and intel.
An opening > energetic tools to access ancient intel that already lives inside of you.
Clearer Dayz 100ml Clear, Cleanse & Smudge
Clearer Dayz ~ A smudging spray that brings to light old ways of being that are stagnant within us. A cleansing ritual that allows you to make peace with this stagnant energy and breathe deeper into your being.
A beautiful tool for your home, self and land.
Earth Bound 30ml
Earth Bound ~ Star Chakra by LawzwithWickArt
A sensation where the body, mind and heart slow down together to become more present in life’s riches.
Connecting to the Earth’s Core is often a meditative state the star chakra invites thee to experience.
Whether it connects you with your breathe, your ancient connection to the earth or allows you to drop in that little bit deeper, earth bound is a gift for both medicinal and body, mind and spiritual self care.
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