Egyptian Eye – 15ml


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Egyptian Eye – Ritual oil.

This blend was created with Thoth, Isis, and Hathor frequencies.

A sacred ritual blend that allows us to embody a knowingness that we have been and are deities from Ancient Egyptian times. From here, we are being asked to invoke and communicate with these Egyptian gods & goddesses,  to then access a knowingness of who we were and next who we are fully becoming.

How to use: 

I see – third eye
I hear – behind ears
I know – behind crown

Created by Missy (owner of Wickart Alchemy) & Victoria Gilbert (owner of Embrace Wellness) is a magical blend of Blue Lotus, with sensual Rosewood and Neroli. This oil can really take your meditation practice, intimacy, or manifestation ritual to the next level.

Small – $44
Dropper bottle – $88

Further Information

There will be moments that the mind separates you from me, yet in the end there is only love.

Sometimes the biggest critique lives within you. When this energy ~ particle is left unheard it wanders into judging another. These stories become versions of a reality that is disjointed.

Frequency tools are universal gifts that invite us to be in more presence with these versions of ourselves, ones that are ready to be seen, heard and ultimately loved.


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