Earth & Ether – Keeper of Crone Witch Wisdom


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Of Earth & Ether Ritual Oil – Co creation with the incredible Shannon from Ashamoon

$59 – 30ml bottle accompanied by a silver foiled altar card with suggested rituals

This oil holds the codes of:

Hekate ~ Keeper of Crone Witch Wisdom

A daily reminder to reconnect & anchor to the divine wisdom that resides within you. The choice is yours to plant seeds of trust in yourself, the cycles of Mother Earth – know that you are held by the entire Universe

Sugested Rituals: 

Use after bathing to tone your energy. Place a few drops in your hands, rubbing together & cupping over your nose to inhale the scent. Then gently massaging the oil over your womb space, heart space & connecting at your solar plexus (above the navel). This is our centre, our source of personal power, invoking self-esteem, wisdom & warrior energy.

Place a few more drops in your hands, crossing your arms over your chest & anointing your shoulders – knowing that you are supported by your ancestors, higher self & the Earth.

The oil can be used in sacred circle to prepare our energy for being open and grounded – willing to see & feel what needs to come through us.

Use a few drops on the land in ritual as an offering to our Great Mother.

Other magical uses Рanoint spell candles, use as a daily perfume, or add a few drops to your bath  to infuse the water. All with the intention of drawing wisdom down from the Ether while being anchored to the Earth, and embodying within the present moment.

Ingredients: Mandarin, Mugwort, Australian Sandalwood, Vetiver, Cedarwood Atlas & Himalayan, Blue Tansy, Balsamic Fir, Cyclamen, Black Spruce, MCT Oil, Scottish Heather Flowers, Dried Eucalyptus, Blue Kyanite, Labradorite, hand made stamped Of Earth & Ether clay talisman.


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